Meet The Board

The Cal Pakistani Students Association Board of 2019-2020 is a hard working group of enthusiastic people who love to serve their community. Each board member brings a unique and creative skill set and has a passionate vision for the Pakistani community and beyond.  Together, they strive to lead the Cal PSA community to new heights.

Nadia Ali


Nadia is a fourth year studying Molecular Environmental Biology. PSA’s famed half-ghan returns for the third time on board as President and can’t wait to meet the PSA family! When she’s not at the library watching The Office for the millionth time, you can find her at the nearest hiking trails, spinning, exploring new restaurants, or maybe even jamming out to the latest punjabi hits. This socal native loves her avo, but nothing beats a homemade bowl of haleem with the works. She keeps up with politics and nothing warms her heart more than seeing Pakistan and its people thrive every day, pakistan zindabad

Samrah Ali

Vice President

Samrah is a fourth year Poli Sci student from Southern California. She prefers summers in SoCal and winters in NorCal (ask her for her favorite beach spots!!) In her free time, she loves to travel and explore new places, much to her bank account’s dismay. People always say her Instagram is really aesthetic but tbh the only one worth following is her charity account: @hopewithhenna. She loves meeting people so don’t be put off by her RBF, she’s actually really sweet and approachable!! If you ever see her on campus or at events, be sure to say hi!

Mahum Kudia


She’s a 2nd year studying Materials Engineering. When she’s not busy with class, she enjoys making dad jokes, chillin’ with friends, playing bball with the boiz, hiking, bopping to edgy tunes, and singing along to soulful desi music. She’s a chai connoisseur, enjoys checking out new restaurants, and loves to travel—traumatic spider experiences and all. (Just ask her about Skardu next time you see her) She loves meeting new people and would love to hang out, so come say hi!

Ayman Azizuddin

Director of Marketing

More commonly known as the aymansta, Ayman is a 2nd year intended Public Health and Econ double major who is striving to pursue a career in healthcare administration. You may have actually seen Ayman at last year’s PSA culture show, or even at Davis’ 2 years ago, because he sang his hit song “Paki Girl” at those events, bringing him in the SoundCloud spotlight (Soundcloud @ the aymansta). When not in constant stress, Ayman loves to produce/write music, hang out with friends, or rewatch the entire Dragonball franchise just for fun (he unhealthily loves Dragonball + other anime). Ayman is also very passionate about making a change in the world, initiating @project.aqua to help provide fresh water to rural areas across Pakistan. The one annoying thing about Ayman, though, is that he never shuts up; he loves to socialize wayyyy too much, keeping it classic desi and saying “khudafiz” 4 times before actually leaving an event. No one is more excited than him for this semester. No really, just ask him.

Anum Arif

Director of External Affairs

Anum is a second year Nutrition major and arguably one of the most light-hearted pre-med students you’ll meet here (maybe because she is a CNR girl). You can always find her laughing, or making people laugh. For this one, nothing beats roasting friends in Urdu (its always better) and getting the biryani with the least masalay (it’s a life skill). Catch her on campus flexing her Urdu on her family Whatsapp group call (at the most convenient time ofc) and if you see her, be the snack that smiles back :)

Aarish Irfan

Director of Logistics

Aarish is a 4th year majoring in Computer Science and Data Science. Been raised in Lahore, it comes as no surprise that half of his time is spent exploring desi restaurants (read: biryani) in the Bay Area. The other half is spent in FIFA sessions, playing tennis/squash and listening to Atif Aslam till 5am (cuz parhai kon karta hai lol). Hit him up for some intense debates on Pakistani politics and cricket, recs for sad Atif songs or if you think you’re The One who can finally beat him on FIFA. He currently has some open spots on his IM soccer team so get in touch with him if you’re the next Messi or just wanna play ball with his Buoyz!

Mudabbir Khan

Director of Internal Affairs

Mudabbir is a fourth year student majoring in Computer Science. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, he often feels quite homesick and it is one of the reasons why he joined PSA so that he could have a second family here that would help him miss home a little less. He is extremely patriotic and envisions a better future for Pakistan and it’s people, which is why he believes it is his responsibility to strive hard in giving back as much as he can to the country that gave him everything. Seriousness aside, you can literally talk to him about anything related to Pakistani culture, ranging from music to food to sports and even politics, and he’d be delighted to chat. But more importantly now, talk to him about Lollywood, because it’s his dream to become an actor one day! He loves traveling, partying and trying out new food so hit him up whenever you’re down for that or even if you just want to have an enjoyable movie night with a warm cup of chai and chillingz!

Rahim Hussain

Director of Internal Affairs

Rahim is a 3rd year economics major from Dallas, TX. He’s a fun guy (kawhi laugh). He enjoys traveling to different parts of the world, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. He loves watching basketball and football with the boyz and trying new restaurants. Rahim knows Avengers: Infinity War is the greatest movie of all time, so don’t try to argue that with him. He likes taking day-long excursions anywhere even though he’s really bad at planning things with people. He gains motivation from and fails to emulate his favorite TV show characters: Jon Snow and Derek Shepherd. Rahim is super fun to play Taboo with b/c he will scream at you the whole time.

Abdullah Khan


Abdullah is a Sopohmore currently majoring in Business and Data Science. Born and raised in Lahore, he is an avid foodie who loves exploring different restaurants in the Bay Area (especially desi ones). He spends his free time jamming to classic 90s Pakistani rock like Junoon and Strings, binge-watching Netflix, and debating about the various dilemmas of Pakistan’s political history and how they continue to shape the country. He can often be found either sleeping in Moffitt (because that’s what libraries are for, right?) or playing table tennis in the Blackwell commons. Come play a game of chess with him, share in his love for adventure, and glorify desi food to watch him become your best friend! #TeraBichraYaar #ApnaWatan #PSA

Khizar Khan

Director of Technology

Senior. Born and raised in Pakistan and LA. What stands out about him is extreme enthusiasm and love for anything you can think of, which, sometimes, is unnecessary. He is a hardcore Lakers fan, the best team there is in the league. #LebronTheGOAT. He is known as cold-feet because he bails on every plan last second because he “doesn’t feel it anymore.” He loves to read, talk, listen and argue. If you ever want to play ball, you can always reach out to him, but he might bail.

Sara Siddiqui

Director of Technology

Sara is a second-year studying CS and data science. #womeninSTEM When she’s not in the dungeon (that is, Soda Hall) working on her projects, catch her trying a new recipe, brush-lettering, jamming to her favorite Punjabi songs, or hiking with friends. Hailing from Southern California, she enjoys warm weather and will find any opportunity to swim. She also frequently consumes copious amounts of coffee, and her favorite desi foods include gulab jamun and biryani. If you love a good chai and chat sesh, she’s your girl!